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SJSM- Tropical Medicine Society (SJSM-TMS) was created in 2015 with from the interest of tropical medicine and travel medicine. The society has formed following guideline from the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH). The program is currently seeking accreditation through the ASTMH to allow participating students the opportunity to take the certifying examination leading to the CTropMed© – Certificate of Knowledge in Tropical Medicine. Currently there are only 17 programs throughout the world that allows you eligibility to sit for this exam.

Students participating in the Tropical Medicine Society have unique opportunities that are available at the Saint Vincent campus that are not offered at any other SJSM campus. These opportunities include specific illnesses and disease that have shown prevalence throughout the Grenadines in the past and occasionally now.

The Saint Vincent Campus is fortunate enough to have Dr. Cyrus as an adjunct professor of our school who literally wrote the book on tropical medicine for the West Indies. We continue to pull from his knowledge in his area of expertise.

Students are required to accomplish other academic topics and modules in order to receive eligibility for examination. Part of the training will include additional hands on experience in laboratory techniques specific to developing countries and austere locations as available.

SJSM-TMS offers other hands on experiences in the topics of tropical medicine and look forward to all the new students who are able to participate during their time here at the Saint Vincent campus.

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Tropical Medicine Board of Directors


Georgy Chafi Kehedy

Nakia T. Allen-Berhan

Secretary, Treasurer and Education Coordinator:

Sree Divya Veturi:



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Bradley Starkey (SJSM-TMS Founder):

James Kipfer (SJSM – TMS Founder):

Tina Stanco (Director – Spring 2016):

Kiana Tehrani (Director – Spring 2016):

Academic Adviser:

Dr. Daphne Santhosh

Tropical Medicine foundersSJSM Tropical Medicine Society was co-founded by Bradley Starkey and Jim Kipfer both of whom have an interest in Tropical Medicine and neglected tropical diseases.  After much research was put in to determine the possibility of making the Saint Vincent Campus of SJSM an accredited training site. The SJSM-TMS was officially founded in the summer of 2015

Under the continued academic and faculty advisement of Dr. Santhosh we continue to makes strides towards our goal of accreditation and knowledge in the specialty of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene.

1. To complete the academic and practical requirements set forth by the American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (ASTMH) for Certification in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene –(C-TropMed ®). *Currently in pursuit of accreditation.

2. To obtain a greater knowledge of tropical diseases and travel medicine.

3. To obtain specific microscopy staining skills and knowledge applicable to tropical medicine.

4. To obtain practical knowledge and hands on techniques

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