White Coat Committee

The White Coat Committee is an established organization that works every semester to produce a White Coat Ceremony for the MD4 class. Each Class (MD1-MD4) has their own committee members selected from their respected classes that work on planning year round. SJSM’s White Coat Ceremony is a celebration signifying the accomplishment of finishing the Basic Sciences program (MD1-MD4).
This ceremony involves the tradition of “cloaking” (aka “robing”) white coats. The committee is in charge of raising funds to purchase the ceremony supplies, finding a suitable venue, establishing menus, sending out invitations, and media coverage just to name a few. WCC members make an impact on the community by forming relationships with local businesses earning their support, participation, and sometimes even sponsorship for the White Coat Ceremony Event. The committee holds various events throughout each semester, such as but not limited to- sporting events, bake sales, photo shoots, and parties.

What is the White Coat Ceremony or WCC?

In case you were wondering…
The WCC is a ceremony that includes a formal “robing” or “cloaking” of students in the white coats that physicians and health professionals traditionally wear. This rite of passage signifies a medical student’s transition from pre-clinical to clinical health status aka symbolizing the “Conversion” of a lay person into a member of the healthcare profession. WCCs typically address the issue of medical ethics and praise rising students for their success in completing the basic science coursework of medicine. 

Notice: White Coats for the White Coat Ceremony must be short in length. For females and males they are expected to run no more than 30-33 inches in length.