Bringing to SVG

No pets from North and South America, Europe, Africa and Asia are allowed into St. Vincent & The Grenadines unless they have been in quarantine for six months. They can come aboard yachts, but must remain on board at all times.

Pets are allowed from the UK, New Zealand and Australia on condition that a health certificate is presented. Contact the Government Veterinary Officer at email:

Animals especially dogs are not allowed at tourism sites.


Animals (National and International Movement and Disease Prevention) Regulations 1994. A permit would be granted subject to the terms and conditions relating to the importation of the animal as set out in the governing regulation for the time being in force and to the following terms and conditions:

1. The animal MUST accompanied by health certificate signed by a Government Veterinary Officer stating that: a. The animal was born in and has never left (COUNTRY) or where not born in or has left (COUNTRY) and returned, has been in (COUNTRY) for the previous six (6) months. b. During the twelve (12) months immediately preceding the exportation of the animal(s) there has been no rabies among unquarantined animals in the country from which the animal(s) is/are exported. c.

i. The animal(s) should be implanted with an I.S.O microchip, followed by a Rabies Vaccination with an inactivated adjuvant vaccine, when the animal is not less than twelve (12) weeks of age

ii. At least three (3) weeks following the Rabies vaccination, a blood sample should be taken from the said animal following microchip identification, and tested for antibody level. (See Annex 1 for the list of approved laboratories)

Once the animal has a protective antibody level (>0.5 IU/ml) as established by the approved laboratory, the animal can be exported to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A copy of the Laboratory result must be sent to the Animal Health and Production Division in order for an import permit to be issued. (No import permit will be issued until the Laboratory results have been received.)

d. The animal(s) should be in good health and free from symptoms of any prescribed or any other infectious or contagious disease.

e. The animal(s) has/have been vaccinated against Canine Distemper, Parvovirus, Leptospirosis, Hepatitis and Parainfluenza.

f. The animal(s) must be screened for heartworm on two (2) occasions within seventy-two (72) hours before export, with one test being conducted in the morning and the second test must be conducted after 4 pm on the same day, with negative results on both occasions.

g. The animal(s) should be treated for external parasites and for internal parasites with an approved broad spectrum anthelminthic.

h. All animals coming from a RABIES ENDEMIC COUNTRY (countries NOT included in the list below, see Annex. 2), MUST travel on a direct flight TO ENGLAND to undergo the period of quarantine imposed by DEFRA, England ( The animal(s) SHALL NOT be accompanied by any dog or cat except from the same country.

2. Forty-eight (48) hours notice of arrival must be given. Phone (784) 450- 0326 or (784) 457-2452

3. Animal(s) landed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines after 4:00 p.m. Monday to Friday, on weekends or public holidays are subject to inspection fees.

Annex 1 List of Approved Laboratories

Veterinary Laboratory Agency New Haw, Addlestone Surrey KT15 3NB United Kingdom Tel: (+44) 193 235 7840 Fax: (+44) 193 235 7239

BioBest Pentlands Science Park Bush Loan Penicuik Midlothian EH26 0PZ United Kingdom Tel: (+44) 131 445 6101 Fax: (+44) 131 445 6102

FAVN Rabies Laboratory 1800 Denison Avenue Mosier Hall Kansas State University Manhattan Kansas 66506-5601 Tel: (+1) 785 532 5650 Fax: (+1) 785 532 4481

Annex 2
COUNTRIES FROM WHICH CATS AND DOGS MAY IMPORTED INTO ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES WHERE QUARANTINE IN ENGLAND IS NOT REQUIRED. Antigua, Anguilla, Australia, Barbados, Dominica, Great Britain, Jamaica, Montserrat, St. Kitts-Nevis, St. Lucia, North Ireland, New Zealand, and the Republic of Ireland.


Bringing to the USA

St. Vincent is considered a Rabies Free Country- which only makes it easier to bring pets (dogs, cats) back into the USA.

Take your pet to the Veterinarian 10 days before you leave the island in order to get health clearance. They will want to classify breed, rabies status, health, etc. You must also check in with LIAT at least 48 hours in advance so they can make proper accommodations.

Most Airlines home to America/Canada have a designated pet area on their plane. Please Contact your flight provider for exact rules and regulations*.

*Notice: Be aware that there are associated fees for transport of animals by plane.

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