SJSM- St. Vincent is dedicated to academic wellness. Our professors know that want you to do well & we have the resources to help!

Seeing a tutor doesn’t mean you are having trouble in a course or failing – seeing a tutor is for anyone who takes their studies seriously & wants to do better on exams! We want to see our students succeed and that’s why sessions (normally made by appointment) can be done 1 on 1, in groups, or you can have a general meet & greet and find out about good study habits and additional resources that you may want to use.

Tutoring is available to all students for FREE. Tutors are compensated at the end of each semester by Saint James School of Medicine, not by the students. Tutors are selected from the MD2-MD4 classes in subjects that they did well in.

Looking to Become a Tutor?

Contact  Dr. Anwarul Siddiqui, Dean of Administration

Current Listing of Tutors

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