‘Bundle of His’ Mentor Program

Bundle of His System aka BOHS is the mentoring program at SJSM St. Vincent.

This program is available to ALL incoming students to facilitate a smooth transition into St. Vincent and SJSM.

Mentors are from the upperclassmen levels [MD2-MD4] that volunteer to be paired up with a MD1 student. As their mentor, they can give incoming students valuable information, advice, resources, and last but not least a friendly face to look forward to. 🙂

We Support:

  • Mutual trust and respect
  • Maintaining a level of confidentiality between the mentor and MD1
  • Listening to MD1 concerns
  • Regular check-ups to see how MD1s are progressing
  • Helping MD1s with their questions/concerns/problems and when in doubt giving them the proper contacts

On top of all that mentors are also known to provide guidance, motivation, and emotional support. They are role models. We were all MD1s once- learn from our mistakes and share in our successes.

To all MD1 students SGA would like to wish you the Best of Luck on your Medical School Career.

Mentor Requirements: Students must have a B average in order to apply for BOHS. (Future mentors will be notified by email if they are selected.)

Please contact Chloe Waters (cwaters@mail.sjsm.org) for more details.