There is no on-campus student accommodations in St. Vincent. Typically students live in apartments/villas/houses around the island. Housing in St. Vincent is plentiful. One two, and three bedroom apartments can be easily found, and some students rent out entire houses with other students.

Questions you should ask when thinking about renting:

-Are they included in rent?
-Will the landlord or property manager collect bills monthly? If so- when?
-Do the Students have to travel to town to collect and/or pay bills?

Electricity can be costly, especially if using AC. Ask about normal electricity bill costs, if electricity is included- if it is, what is the cut off?, and how electricity will be broken down if living with roommates.

Fresh, Clean Drinking Water is plentiful on the Island of St. Vincent. Most housing accommodations have water included, but if not bills are paid monthly to CSWA (Central Water & Sewage Authority).

Central Water & Sewerage Authority
P.O Box 363 New Montrose Kingstown, St. Vincent & The Grenadines
(784) 456-2946  Monday- Friday 8am-4pm & 457-1445 After Hours Emergencies ONLY

Many places will include internet with rent at no additional cost, but it doesn’t hurt to double check. Many apartments tend to have a TV on the island, but this does not guarantee cable is included. The local cable program is called  Flow through Karib Cable.

Most apartments/houses have gas stoves. It costs around $30 to fill a standard tank and can be purchased at most gas stations. Some landlords/property managers have this included in rent and refill it when necessary, while other do not. Considerations: In the case where it is not included- students also have to find transportation to and from the apartment/house to pick up a tank.

*make sure to check the type of tank before you purchase, as not all tanks are identical.

Most often, you can find a rental that leases for a 4 month time span. By doing this, if you decide to change your living arrangements after your first semester, you have the freedom to do so.

We do not recommend signing a lease for the entire stay (16 months) as new locations open up. In some cases these locations are cheaper in price/ have more of the amenities you are looking for and/or are closer in distance to the school.

It is normal for Landlords/ Property Managers to ask for First Months’ rent and a Security Deposit.

Notice: Before signing any contracts be sure to read the fine print and know the consequences if you break your contract before it is up.

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