Welcome to SJSM St. Vincent Campus Website!

This page is run by the current SGA board here on the beautiful island of St. Vincent.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at: stvincentsga@mail.sjsm.org


SJSM St. Vincent’s Campus SGA would like to Acknowledge Anguilla’s SGA for their contribution to our website.  We used their site as a blueprint in the creation ours.

In Addition to Anguilla we would like to Acknowledge Casiana Guzman, SGA President (Summer- Fall Semester 2015), Peter Ng, SGA Vice President (Summer- Fall Semester 2015), and Yash Patel, SGA Secretary (Summer- Fall Semester 2015) for their awesome fact finding and secretarial skills that helped make this website a reality.

Last, but not least SGA would like to give a HUGE thank you to Melissa Lindsay, SGA Co-Social (Fall 2015). Without her time and effort this website would have not been what it is today. Not only did she create this website from the ground up, but she also contacted, researched, and talked to all the right people to get information for our students. We will never forget your dedication to this project and all your hard work that went into this web design.

This website was made for the following classes of SJSM St. Vincent to enjoy for years. -The SGA Board of the Fall 2015 Semester

SJSM SGA St. Vincent Launched this Page 09-30-2015   

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