Bringing Children

When bringing children over to the Island of St. Vincent-

Documents you will need: Valid Unexpired passport, Original Birth Certificate, and Proof of Round Trip Ticket.

Immigration: If they are to stay with you for the duration of your studies, you will need to have their Passport “Stamped”.

Stamping is to be completed before the end of their original stamp expiration date. This entry stamp given by St. Vincent Immigration at the Airport when you land – this lasts only last 30 days and will need to be extended.

Extensions- Before the entry stamp expires (within that 30 day time span) this is to be completed.  You will need to travel with your child to Kingstown and visit the Immigration Office.  Once the extension stamp is given this will allow your child to stay in St. Vincent for 4 month time span. When it is time to renew you will have to repeat this process. We do not suggest you allow it to become expired as you may be subjected to fees or even ejection from the country.

SN: Passports (last we checked) are stamped for free for kids.
Documents that are necessary for the Immigration Department of St. Vincent would be: Valid Unexpired passport, Original Birth Certificate, Proof of Round Trip Ticket in addition to your SJSM letter of enrollment.

Schooling: Parents must visit the Ministry of Education with their child to have them enrolled in school. The Ministry of Education is in charge of placing children in the appropriate school (factors that affect placement and must be taken into consideration is – schools that still have openings at time of arrival, current living location, and religious affiliation (in case you would like your child to go to  a Christian school). It is highly recommended that you bring a report card or any other documentation stating their highest level of education completed. The Ministry of Education requests a Valid Passport and Original Birth Certificate.