Get Involved & Value Everyone

G.I.V.E. is more than a club, it is a philosophy. Through our efforts and those of our members we seek to make a significant, sustainable difference in the lives of those in the local community. Dues are paid through 8 hours of community service each semester.

Our Board:

President: Charles Starling
Vice President: Tina Stanco
Treasurer: Yash Patel
Secretary: Tulsi Patel
Volunteer Coordinator: Sree Yarlagadda
NPO Liaison: Shaloma Jackson

Projects and Events:

3D prosthetic printing project- G.I.V.E. has raised funds and procured a 3D printer allowing us to print prosthetic devices for those in need. We continue to fund raise for consumable materials and are partnering with other organizations to make this successful and sustainable.

Special Olympics Saint Vincent and the Grenadines- Volunteer opportunities exist for coaching and health screenings for the November National Games.

Saint Benedict’s Children’s Home- Volunteer opportunities exist for spending time with these orphaned and special needs children. We will be hosting holiday donation drive to allow us to enrich the lives of the children.



  • givesva@gmail.com